in kanazawa, my main target was the 21st century museum of contemporary art by sanaa. it was my second time, but the visit was much better, perhaps due to larger crowds and more exhibitions. but i will leave the art part for tomorrow and cover the food part today!

fusion21 is the museum’s cafe-restaurant, introduced by maple house (the websites are in japanese, but google translate does a fairly good job at instant translating them).

after trailing the museum for a couple of hours, we were ready for lunch. but the restaurant was not ready for us: it was fully booked so we had to wait for 40 minutes to be seated. but it was worth it!

we chose a fixed menu including all you can eat appetizers, a main, a dessert and one drink for around 15 euro. after ordering the variables, we were handed a very cool porcelain plate in the shape of a painter`s palette and we headed to the appetizer table. as one would expect, the presentation was exquisite and the tastes varied and intriguing. the main was slightly disappointing: good but kinda boring. although we each chose a different dish, the same goes for all. we also chose different desserts: the cheese cake was a creamy slice served with fresh fruit. the icecream was lavender and the chinese pudding was subtle and delicious.

both the food and the atmosphere were modern and completely satisfying! definitely worth going back!

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photo credits: lilaesthete