as i was saying, today i’ll focus on the art in the 21st century museum of contemporary art.

the permanent collection includes a series of unexpected pieces: the swimming pool by leandro erlich, the green bridge by patrick blanc, the man who measures the clouds by jan fabre, the origin of the world by anish kapoor, etc. the temporary collections were less remarkable, apart from the japanese “people” made of wire scattered around the museum. i really liked those!

the collection is cohesive and very interesting. museums are of interest to me, even in themselves. (i read a very good article on the topic by olafur eliasson recently. i’m still trying to find it. if i can’t, i’ll try typing it) the round museum in kanazawa is very modern and progressive. it is not so much site specific and i think that nowadays such an accomplishment is key because the world is smaller than ever and getting smaller as we speak.

their very thorough website, with a version in very good english, includes the transparent acquisition policy and committee, a complex educational program (which totally helps with the bring art to the people undertaking), the museum mission and the architectural concept (by the very cool sanaa) as well as the floor plan in detail.

this museum is organic. or at least that’s how it feels. it’s not just a building to hang art on its walls. where does the building stop and the art begin? nowhere. they are a whole.

and the people feel that beautiful symbiosis and come in hoards. it’s a people friendly museum, a kid friendly museum, a kind, educational and welcoming museum.

i think that many museums could learn from this one.

people’s gallery by michael lin

photo credits: little aesthete