how do you know her? perhaps as part of one of the most influential alternative bands? or as marc jacobs’ and kurt cobain’s friend? or perhaps you noticed her in gus van sant’s last days? or, in case you’re a teen, perhaps you saw her playing starpower with her band in gossip girl, at rufus and lily’s wedding. but that’s just a part of her multi-tasking life. i can tell you that I was surprised last year to find in malmo konstall (do not miss their canteen, I totally recommend the carrot soup. unforgettable!), sonic youth. sensational fix, an exhibition curated by the cult band. and, a myriad achievements later, the latest creative undertaking of the poly oriented singer/artist is getting together with sportmax and designing a capsule collection that features her artwork.

sportmax, max mara’s little sister, has a series of collaborations called carte blanche. the hot 57-year old new yorker is their current choice.

i can tell you that the carte blanche pieces are in a limited number of 800 and the tee-shirt in the pix below is a cool 99 euro.  i admit it, it looks good, but are you willing to fork out that much?