kim soo hyun is my new crush is a sentence i can’t believe i’m typing. lol!

kim soo hyun is my new crush

so i was randomly browsing on the internet a few days ago. and i came across a picture of this character from a dorama.  i ended up googling him. it was a picture of do min-joon, the name of an alien character in the series my love from the star. the name of the actor? you guessed it, kim soo hyun.

kim soo hyun is my new crush 1

he was born on february the 16th 1988, he’s 1.80 m and he’s extremely successful, especially in asia. he’s rumored to be worth 30 million usd. there are rumours that he may owe his good looks to plastic surgery but he denies them. i’d say it’s not an unusual thing to consider since south korea is the world capital for such interventions. also, he wears and endorses make up for boys. also not at all unusual, his country being the world leader in the male cosmetics industry. and he is loved by the advertising industry, having set records for the high number of simultaneous ads for different products.

what really, really drives me mad is the fact that i found the series. i can watch it online, with english subtitles. and i gave it a try, just for a laugh. and now i’m addicted! there is really no excuse: i’m watching doramas!

kim soo hyun is my new crush 3 kim soo hyun is my new crush 2kim soo hyun is my new crush 5 kim soo hyun is my new crush 4

the only upside to this is that i’m picking up details of korean culture. and that i get to see seoul, as it is the background of the series. yeah, no. i’m just rationalizing…

kim soo hyun is my new crush 6

anyway, what do you think of him? and, perhaps, more importantly, have you ever watched doramas?

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