kiyosumi gardens in tokyo are a hidden gem. find it and enjoy it!

kiyosumi gardens tokyo

we ran into it while walking towards a cluster of galleries we had found online, right after visiting mot.

Inspira adanc

it was a windy day and we came across the entrance into a park. one of the things i discovered in japan is that a park that charges for entry is more than worth your time. so we paid the 300 yen and went in.

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even if it was a rainy day, the experience was fabulous. the azaleas were in bloom and the greenery manicured and perfect. the beautiful scenery was deserted, which attracted friendly herons and cormorants. the 81,000 sqm park is the place where you can relax: time stops and you can easily find your thoughts.

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the gardens were built during the meiji period, in 1878-85, in conformity with the classic principles. shipping financier, industrialist and mistsubishi founder iwasaki yataro sponsored the construction. the pond that covers most of the area is beautiful and well kept. beautiful stones were brought from all over japan to add character to the scenery. there are three islands, a teahouse and, near the entrance, the memorial hall of emperor taisho, called taisho kinenkan.

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the carps and turtles can be observed by walking on the stepping stones dotting the pond.

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the azaleea hill is actually called fuji-san!

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the park is out of this world, make sure you visit it even if only for a quiet hour. enjoy!

photo credits: little aesthete