an impressive undertaking especially as it challenges the  limits between personal and public space. if it’s public, it belongs to us so we should be able to do things there, right?

of course not…see graffiti and other forms of street art. any such expression will be tracked down and removed, one way or the other. unless you banksy and the city hall heard your illegal art on the city walls is worth more than the walls themselves, so they actually protect the pieces with plastic covers. hypocrites…

still, check this out! a group of japanese knitters carry out surprise attacks on public spaces and this is what they leave behind: the statues of gods are dressed up, the benches and lamp posts are wrapped in multi-coloured covers and at least one train was decorated with woolen octopi.

their colourful additions are promptly removed by the cleaning people but their efforts did not go unnoticed: a couple of months ago, they were invited to attack the ebisu garden place officially! now that’s great news!

the world needs more such fuzzy and colourful yarn bombings! word!