la xocolateria is one of the best places to get your sugar fix in el born, in barcelona.

la xocolateriasometimes, it just happens that we have sugar cravings. and when we do, it’s be a pity to fix it with a sad artificial chocolate bar or whatever. if you’re gonna sin, at least make it worth while: rich, smooth and unforgettable!

la xocolateria 1la xocolateria 2you can’t miss this place: it’s right next to el mercat del born. it’s a a quiet little store, perfect to catch up with a girlfriend or have a date. it’s not too full so i could also see myself catching up on some emails or reading.

i took my mom and we shared a serving of dark chocolate ice cream. the place is nicely decorated and lit.

la xocolateria 5the xocolateria offers a very interesting selection of products revolving, obviously, around chocolate. you can have some of that nearly solid hot chocolate with churros or ice cream, chocolates or… chocolate popcorn. i’m pretty sure they’re all yummy!

la xocolateria 7la xocolateria 3la xocolateria 6

i love the the last room: the square wooden table with a marble top, the big world map and the wall of drawers.

la xocolateria 4

the girl who served us was nice and chatty. she told us that she didn’t expect anyone would have icecream in the winter. let me just mention the fact that the temperature must have been somewhere between 15 and 20 degrees celsius.

since the croissant is featured heavily in spaniards’ breakfasts, it’s befitting to mention that the xocolateria won best spanish croissant in 2014. you must try it – it’s only 1.5 euro!

so don’t forget to drop by if you’re in town. i’m quite sure you will enjoy it!

photo credits: little aesthete