earlier this year, a new restaurant opened in bucharest’s old center: lacrimi si sfinti. it means tears and saints and it’s a direct reference to a book by famous romanian philosopher emil cioran. the restaurant aims to serve an updated version of romanian traditional cuisine.

the interior design is a wonderful surprise of neo-romanian style. a sweet combination of upcycled vintage countryside items and modern pieces, everything linked together with a whimsical lego reproduction of traditional romanian motifs. if you are interested in finding out more interesting details regarding the decor, click here.

corvin nicolae cristian‘s body of work is well-known and widely appreciated. the lego work was assembled by collaborator ionel branzoi: 16,000 pieces brought from denmark especially for this project.

the menu printed on manual paper is full of very interesting dishes of all shapes and sizes. but go there for surprising your taste buds, not for regular romanian fare. they use lime to sour the ciorba, lard to fry the potatoes and serve poached beef tongue with orange.

the decor warns you upon arrival: expect the unexpected and enjoy the experience!

photo credits: designist.ro, lacrimi si sfinti