lago como in 30 pictures is a selection of pics i took while touring the lake on a beautiful end of summer day.

lago como in 30 pictures

we first stopped in lecco, 50 kilometers away from milan. a nice, quiet place for a day trip. if we had the time, i would have taken the cable car up for some even better views of the lake.

lago como in 30 pictures 1

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i didn’t expect to come across a roa piece in lecco. but i found this one right next to the train station.


then we stopped in bellagio, which has a beautiful setting on a promontory. if you only have time for one stop, do it here. the little town is surrounded by water and there was a good picture to be taken every step i took.


we had lunch on the edge of the lake, at la punta. the view was unbelievable and the waiter might have been the best i’ve ever met, witty and personable.


we were supposed to stop in nesso in between bellagio and como, but some technical problems made it nearly impossible. so we just drove through it. i guess i will be back one day and maybe then i will plan two days to see more of the places around the lake.

i only have one picture from out last stop, in como, because i was a bit car sick from all the winding roads along the edge of the lake. here too, if we had the time, i would have gone up the hill with the cable car. but i settled for a gelato and a walk along the edge of the lake.


this was only the 3rd day of our 15-day italian trip. next, we stopped in a large city. can you guess which was it?

photo credits: little aesthete