lapo elkann was born with a solid gold spoon in his mouth.

lapo elkann

lapo elkann

he is, in no particular order:

* the heir to the fiat fortune (currently, director for brand promotion)

* the bf to the beautiful bianca brandolini

* the owner of lifestyle brand independent italia,  communications agency independent ideas and music communications company sound identity

* the creative consultant for ferrari design (see ferrari tailor-made)

* a self-confessed speed freak and a permanent fixture on the best dressed men list.

and he infamously overdosed on cocaine/heroin in a transsexual establishment near milan.

have i picked your interest yet?

he even makes sweatpants look good!

his style is quintessentially italian: colourful, sock-free and comfortable. he inherited the wardrobe of his notorious dandy grandfather, giani agnelli. his current wardrobe is a wonderfully creative mixture of his grandfather suits with modern pieces. lapo knows how to make for a dashing and memorable figure.

he seems to be a bon viveur: he is all about the finer things in life. take his car collection. it mostly includes italian brands, and i hear he likes to customize them. but he will then get rid of them in order to try the next new thing.

for instance, in spite of his position within the brand’s tailor-made department, when he wanted his own customized ferrari, he had to get it done elsewhere. imagine that his demands were that extravagant…

i remember when i came across this wonderful spread shot in rio by mario testino, for vogue us. i loved so much the relaxed atmosphere of a playful afternoon in hot rio. lapo plays his own role, along with doutzen kroes. it looks every bit the fabulous lifestyle of the jet set pack, right?

vogue us, june 2007

shot in rio by mario testino

he lived in rio from age 1 to 11

i dug this issue out of my collection: the pix are magnificent!

with a serious case of swagger, lapo elkann is certamente on my list!

photo credits: google search, vogue us