it’s been nearly 500 posts since i started the blog: i’m looking back and see how things¬†have changed!

i started the blog in an attempt to get a dream job (travel the globe for a couple of months and blog about it). i didn’t get the job but couldn’t stop blogging. ūüôā

i change most of it all the time: posting frequency, my writing, planning, writing in advance, complementing the blog content with further wall links and tweets. of course, i got into social media. and communication. and pragmatics. and a little bit deeper into my old interests.

the blog takes a lot of time and energy so i ended up multi tasking more often than not and writing and organizing in flights, buses, airports, but the best place of all is still typing away on my computer, able to double check everything online and to attach the needed links and pix.

probably the weirdest thing the blog made me do? i wrote the tiger lilies review during the concert and re-wrote it completely the next day before posting. it may sound like i wasted my time writing in the dark but i guess it was the only way to capture that feeling. the lillies themselves gave me a shout out on facebook and they liked/shared the post. it is a tiny personal achievement that makes me smile widely: i love the band and i think this is one of the few pay-back type of things i could have done for them.

all the work keeps on paying off in the coolest ways: the blog has a little international posse of readers and i sometimes get to meet them.¬†most people¬†i asked for an interview said yes. nobody asked who i was, where was i from or what my traffic was. they just said yes. i got new friends after¬†bonding online over rock star crushes or after custom-making trips for them. at the end of one interview, the person on the other side of the table offered me a job (it took me a good 15 minutes to realize just how sneaky he’d been: using my interview to interview me…l’arroseur arros√©!). i met very¬†interesting¬†people. what else is there? ūüôā

a few days ago, i got this little note in the mail to go get a parcel: a cardboard parcel with a custom made sticker with my bug on it! i cut it open only to find a very cool bag with a big applique bug. my bug! and, hanging from the bag, there was also a smaller bug made of felt. wee!

it was a wonderful gift and i send a million thank yous to the maker (who is not unknown). thank you for taking the time to make such a coooool gift for me!

i would also like to thank everybody for supporting the blog, be it by reading, sharing or by being part of it! thank you all very much!

photo credits: lilaesthete