i bought a lip tint in seoul, while discovering the booming local cosmetics industry.

lip tint eco fruit tint innisfree

it was the first time i had ever used lip tint. i bought it because i was intrigued and it proved to be a great idea. as soon as i learned how to apply it properly, that is. lol!

i can tell you that it’s a product i didn’t know i needed. it’s very subtle. if you want lots of colour, get a lipstick. if you want lots of shine, get a lip gloss. but if you want to get natural colour and no residue, get a lip tint. men are usually put off by too much product, so this might be just the thing to wear on a first date or something.

also, as there is no residue, it’s perfect for public functions. you know, when you have to greet kiss people, drink and eat.

in korea, girls use it to obtain the trendy gradient lips.

gradient lips


i tried the look and i like it. check out this short tutorial in case you like the idea!


i am perfectly happy with my innisfree product. it is called eco fruit tint in cherry. but as not everybody can get it easily, i thought i should recommend some options for you.

benefit seems to be the brand to go to for the best lip tints out there. these are its best products: benetint and posietint.

franca sozzani, the editor in chief of vogue italia swears by benetint so i guess it’s safe to say it’s a great product for subtle effect.


they are not cheap but apparently they double up as blushes. i personally couldn’t use mine as a blush, but online everybody raves about its natural look on the cheeks.

and benefit is launching a new product from the series on november the 20th: lollitint.

8799895453726benefit lip tint

have you ever tried a lip tint? if you have, do you like it? if you haven’t, would you try it?

photo credits: innisfree, benefit, google search