the best way to experience chaos is to go to a rock festival. our over-sanitized world with no place for any primary urges needs them. festivals are controlled freedom islands. there’s drugs everywhere. you don’t wash. you have no personal space. you’re everybody’s equal. you do pretty much what you want and the apparent mess somehow self-regulates. i’ve never seen fights. people die in huge festival crowds only when there’s no proper crowd control.

live music taps into your basic framework: the voice leads and you follow. so, get high one way or the other and find that primitive kid inside, let it out to play. forget reality principle even exists.

you’re safe with your tribe. you know the drill, you know the song. and mr. rock star onstage, if he’s any good at his job, he’ll take you there. it is the god you believe in. the voice that tells you you’re a freak and that that’s fine.