local, handmade and organic are the common denominators for today’s post. i am constantly trying to support local artists, craftsmen and designers. whether i’m at home or traveling, i feel best when i am surrounded by the work of independent creators.

local, handmade and organic 2

today is the first day in a long while when i have absolutely no work. i need to clean the house and other chores, but they sound sweet after the long work tunnel i’ve been going through.

so i woke up at 7:20 and i was in the park at 8. it was still cool and, most importantly, there were no people so i could have my own headspace. back home, i liquefied the fruit i had peeled last night before going to sleep.

after i started working on my next post, i decided to organize a photo shoot. well, that meant gathering a few of my newest objects and setting them on my black bedspread.

local, handmade and organic 3

i got the ring in the new & other stories store in bruxelles.

local, handmade and organic 5

this little sculpture is part of a clearance sale. kitra held it in kabinet gallery over the weekend in order to fund his upcoming move to london.

local, handmade and organic 6handmade and organic 11

if you are following me on facebook, you already know what i did last weekend. but if you aren’t, you will find out that i went to an organic fair. it’s where i discovered atinge organic. i took home this delicious smelling oil and i plan to mix it with regular baby oil.

local, handmade and organic 1

at the fair, i bought two wooden boxes made by the tiny team behind art3lier. i like the simple one but i love the oval one with the crow skull. it’s right up my alley!

local, handmade and organic 8 local, handmade and organic 7local, handmade and organic 12

last but not least are two special pieces of jewelry i received for my birthday. the brooch is simple and black, just how i like it and it was made and gifted by carla szabo. the tattooed leather necklace was made and gifted by nadire aka lady magpie. thank you very much for the super cool presents, girls! i plan to wear them a lot!

local, handmade and organic 10  local, handmade and organic 13local, handmade and organic 14

the unexpected guest star of this series is trixie, my room mate. she was in the pictures exclusively because she wanted to. as anybody who has ever met a cat will tell you: staging this is impossible!

local, handmade and organic 9local, handmade and organic 15

these being said, i hope you enjoyed my spontaneous post. and don’t worry, i’m already working on the next post which is rather informative, like the rest of them! 🙂

photo credits: little aesthete