lokalirri is a free basque magazine. published billingually (spanish/french). it has a paper issue per season, a free iphone/ipad app and a highly active social media life.

i picked up no. 7 in san sebastian. you can read about it below and you can go through the archive here.

expect a lot of local low brow artists and many connections to surf  culture.

and here are my highlights:

– the first thing that caught my eye was a picture of fellow romanian, model kaan tilki. it’s one of the pictures illustrating an interview by maurizio anzeri, an italian artist who made a name for himself by sewing on old pictures. i looked into it and i found out that the pic featuring mr. kaan is part of a commission for dazed and confused. i love it so much, i’d totally hang a large-scale print-out somewhere in my apartment!

formol fabrika is an illustrator (his website and his blog). i like his funny and sick style!

algora is an emerging musician about to launch his third album: todo es mentira/everything is a lie. his soft electro pop is pretty good.

(the video is no longer available)

sew’n’sing are eli and arika, two friends making made to measure surf covers and bags for neoprene suits. here you have their collaboration with japanese surf brand, andgrailsl. i like how they succeeded in building a cool little brand for themselves!

benjamin jeanjean has a super exciting black and white style of drawing. a former billabong illustrator/designer/stylist, this free lance artist/shaper has a current collaboration with the  sew’n’sing girls for a limited edition of surfboards for rvca. making their ideas reality was challenging but the resulting boards looked so great rvca exhibited them around the world.

(the video is no longer available)

the mag greatly exceeded my expectations for a free publication: it’s interesting, original and well put together. i feel quite lucky to have laid my hands on a copy so i befriended them on facebook to keep an eye on their latest projects!

credits: lokalirri.com and the above-mentioned artists