london in 25 pictures is the visual summary of my recent trip.

london 8

last week, i took a short 4-day trip to london. as you probably don’t know, my day job is free lancing interpreting and translating. i was in london as an interpreter for a 20,000 people event at the 02 arena. the whole thing was organized flawlessly. it was a great professional and personal experience.

london 17

apart from the two very busy work days, i had some time off. the first day, which was rainy and gloomy in regular london fashion, and the last day, when a delayed flight became a few sunny hours in the city.

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the four days felt like a very long while because of all the different stimuli and occurrences. but that’s what great travel is made of, right?

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i met a squirrel in hyde park and he held my hand, asking for nuts. i was very sorry to tell him i had none…

london in 25 pictures 3

if i failed to see pradasphere at harrods on may the first (vip day), the delayed flight allowed me to see it. i will only say that i loved it and i will be back with a dedicated post.

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for the first time, london seemed full of potential and promise. the limits of possibility shifted and i was faced with unbelievable options. i was even presented with the possibility of a free return ticket to tokyo…

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i came back with 10 pounds of magazines in my nearly empty luggage. and with a swarm of thoughts and ideas in my mind.ย this time, london changed me.

photo credits: little aesthete