love magazine the s/s 2014 issue – at first, i avoided buying it. because this 11th issue is quite heavy and it has miley cyrus on the cover. but i finally gave in and brought it home.

love magazine

• a berluti ad featuring maurizio cattelan initiated by buster keaton.

love magazine 1

• so miley is the cover story. they made sure there was no tongue. congrats! she’s giving us the scoop in how her disney contract had run out before they started filming the last season of hanna montana. but she renewed it. for the fans, she says. and after the disney possibilities ran dry, she started telling us all how what she’s doing now is the real her. ok…

i understand why a magazine would use her current buzz. but i don’t see much inspiration in this baby red neck. her eagerness to demonstrate sex onstage? her externalized styling? she’s the flavour of the month just like her dad was in the 90s. whatever…

• contributing fashion at large panos yiapanis pulls a goth makeunder on brazilian sex bomb alessandra ambrosio. not my favourite editorial of his but it is interesting enough, right?

love magazine 2love magazine 3

• if i’m not mistaken, there were special edition covers. 6 separate covers and afferent exclusive content.

bea szanfeld is a swedish fashion designer who loves paper. i like her stuff!

anne sofie madsen is a danish fashion designer whose dark pieces impressed me.

• an interview with the vocal of a new band, society. i like it. do you?

• i like delfina delettrez. but in this issue, she’s wearing fendi fur and she’s talking about  making mink jewelry for fendi and about fun fur. delfina, there is no such thing as fun fur!

• you know maiko takeda. she is the japanese designer who did those alien head pieces for bjork.

love magazine 12

alex wang tells us the secrets behind his enthronement at balenciaga. totally worth reading.

• luela bartley and katie hillier are the new designers at marc by marc jacobs.

juergen teller shoots lily mcmenamy on a background of urs fisher art.

love magazine 4love magazine 5

• definitely the best editorial is fabio zambernardi‘s (design director at prada/miu miu) twisted take on the don giovani costumes. the jaw-drop costumes were taken to london were katie grand styled them and tim walker shot them. the catalyst of the collaboration was filipo timi with whom fabio first worked for favola, in 2011. the stuff of dreams!

love magazine 6 love magazine 7 love magazine 8 love magazine 9 love magazine 10

here, a video excerpt from the actual play, to see the costumes at work.

araki shoots rila fukushima in christopher kane.

hedi slimane works his magic. he does a series of black and white portraits of baby hollywood actors.

love magazine 11

• i will conclude with my least favourite things: pointless series of flowers dunk in metallic paint by inez and vindooh and spelling mistakes…

still, the literally heavy weight magazine deserves your attention. you can get it at newsstands around the world!

photo credits: copyright owners