lucca in 30 pictures is the pics i took during the short couple of hours we spent in this cute little tuscan town.

lucca in 30 pictures

we parked the car outside the city walls and we walked inside. we stayed only for a short while and that’s because lucca was not necessarily on the to-do list. but it proved to be so in the way that we finally decided to stop and see it. and it was a great idea: lucca was wonderful!

lucca in 30 pictures 1

lucca in 30 pictures 2

lucca in 30 pictures 3lucca in 30 pictures 4

this is a dream store. it’s a fragrant ali baba’s cave of amazing ingredients: cheese, cold cuts, wines… sigh!

we bought fresh tagliatelle and sauce for dinner. but i wondered around the store and my eye was caught by all the little treasures it held. the only regret is that i couldn’t taste everything they had. but this was not a surprise: in italy, your next great and affordable meal is never too far away!

lucca in 30 pictures 5lucca in 30 pictures 6lucca in 30 pictures 7ifififififif


this is lucca’s famous circular piazza centrale or piazza dell’anfiteatro. we had coffee and a cornetto, then i soaked up the view and instagrammed.



we bought a big slice of watermelon at a street market and found our car just outside the city walls you can see below.

and then, off to firenze, where we were meeting our airbnb host!


since the time was short, we missed many of the town’s highlights, i know. but even so, i can say that you should definitely give it a chance if you happen to be in the area.

stay tuned for more posts! next, you guessed it, it’s florence!

photo credits: little aesthete