i know, it sounds like a paradox. but it is the concept of 9h from kyoto: limited space, but high quality services and products.

the pod can only be used for a maximum of 17 hours, but the recommended time is 9 hours. they even have a formula for this: 1 h shower, 7 hours sleep and 1 hour getting ready in the morning…

it is a japanese thing: the regular love hotels have no keys: you got out of the room and the door closed behind you, that’s it. if you want back in, you pay again. it makes sense, given the regular reason clients use love hotels for. and the normal capsule hotels evict you in the morning, as their basic reason for being is to give shelter to salary men who were too drunk to go home the previous night but not drunk enough to pay the astronomical cab fare.

this special hotel was designed by fumie shibata from design studio s (a company she herself established in 1994) and she has been the creative director for this project since its inception.

the hotel has 9 floors, 125 capsules, locker rooms, showers, and a lounge. each pod has panasonic’s advanced system for good sleeping by computerized control lighting. now, that’s something i’d like to experience. apparently, the light is turned on at the time you set before going to sleep. i wonder if it’s better than sound alarm. i guess not…

the maximum price is of 4,900 yen (less than 50 euro) but it can be less, depending on how many hours you spend there, as you pay a base price and then you add an extra fee for any hour that goes by.

here is the map and here are more pictures. it sounds like a pleasant, efficient way to spend a night. would you try it? i totally would!