the alexandru ioan cuza park (aka IOR) is where i take most of my walks. but, this weekend, it’s also the host of the itinerant traditional fair called made in bucovina. bucovina is  a romanian region and the fair is supposed to bring attention to its best features. and it did. the grills are busy sending smoke signals to the hungry in search of a mic (spicy skinless sausage) or of a grilled trout accompanied by a mound of mamaliga (a relative of polenta). The music is playing loundly while the crowd passes from one booth to the other to sample the amazing cured and smoked meats and cheeses of all kinds. Also, mushrooms preserves (forest mushrooms, of course!), honey, jams and trout smoked on the spot!  Also, live music and dances from the region.

I bought a bagful of meat, cheese and trout (my taste buds will be thankful!) and paid around 15 euro.   if you wanna check it, it’s still going on tomorrow as well. Bring a (re-usable) bag! And come hungry!

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Credits: Lilaesthete