make your own terrariums is a throwback thursday post.

make your own terrariums

one year ago, i had this idea of making some terrariums. at first, it looked quite a straightforward project. but making the idea reality took a village! well, a village of friends.

since nadire had made terrariums before, her help was enlisted. if i managed to bring some sand, moss and a few recipients, she had the filtering charcoal, succulents and more recipients.

a quick how-to: the bottom layer is filtering charcoal. then comes the soil and then the moss. add the plants at will. enjoy!

make your own terrariums 3 make your own terrariums 1 make your own terrariums 2

i remember i harvested a large piece of moss from a forest near targu jiu. i had just finished a job and i asked the driver to stop for a minute, on our way to the train station. i took what i needed in a plastic bag and left. only at home did i realize that i had packed a local spider as well. sorry, mr. spider!

we gathered and put the terrariums together. and realized that our normal cameras, even the dslr one, couldn’t get us the proper macro shots we needed.

terrariums 1make your own terrariums 6 make your own terrariums 5

so i visited an old friend who loves nature and taking photographs of it. we spent two relaxed evenings together: when we took the macro lens and when we returned it. 🙂

the moody spring weather was another factor. but we finally managed to take the pictures we needed. the jewelry featured is from carla‘s wooden diamond collection.

out of the few hundred pictures we took, i selected a dozen of the better ones. you know, the ones without so many flaws or wrong reflections.

terrariums make your own terrariums 4 terrariums 2 terrariums 3 terrariums 4

the project took a few weeks to complete. and now, one year later, i wonder if the collaboration and the hanging out aren’t the actual point of the whole thing. i thank everybody involved one way or the other. we had fun!

please share the post if you liked our happy effort. thank you!

photo credits: le bf, little aesthete