i usually hate cgi models of how future buildings are going to look like. but this project in china got my attention as it will be a comic and animation museum. think how much fun that can be!

in march this year, i visited once again the manga museum in kyoto. it’s pretty much a former school turned into a manga library with extra features. click here for a comprehensive presentation of the place. what i like best is the fact that one can hang out for ever there. there are especially designated areas but people also just sit next to the endless shelves and read on.

also, i checked out (again) the japanese-only manga library in hiroshima.  by that, i mean that all the mangas are in japanese and the girls working there got really distressed when they were confronted with gaijins who didn’t speak any japanese. we left 🙂

here, i found out about the oasamu tezuka manga museum in takarazuka, just outside osaka. haven’t seen it but it sounds interesting.

i also found this article about a future national center for media arts in tokyo.

i think bd/anime is a story-telling medium just as serious and resourceful as any other.

bucharest has its own otakus! this saturday, it’s free comic book day. here, you have the list of the places where, if you go, you’ll get your own bd, free of charge.

and, soon, we have the 5th edition of otaku fest. i’ve never been to any of it, but the website makes it look like fun: workshops (think outlandish visual key make up and waranji – some sort of cool looking primitive footwear), a j-rock concert and a cosplay competition.

a bit off-topic: the national museum of art currently has a hokusai exhibition. this is the guy who painted the iconic wave picture. i understand pictures from the wave series, called 36 views of mount fuji, will be exhibited but i don’t know if that famous one. the show opened on the 29th of april and it ends on july the 31st.

haha! what a stream of consciousness post! i jump from one thing to the next! enjoy!