march 2016 finds comes right in time on the last day of the month. i swear i have no idea where and when this month went!

march 2016 finds 3

1. the first thing i did after i went through the paper art now book was to find all the artists and start following them on instagram. you would too: they do magic with paper!

march 2016 finds 1

2. munchies is the foodie little brother of vice. some of their stuff is not so great buuuut i loved the mini-series they did on tehran, berlin si the basque country. oh, watch sweden, bavaria and las vegas too. imagine food shows hosted by your favourite pothead and you get the idea. enjoy!

3. gaycation is a new 4-episode series by viceland, vice’s tv channel. ellen page and her friend ian are traveling around the world to see how different cultures treat their lgbt communities. i remember seeing a similar series featuring stephen fry, out there. watch both: they are eye-opening!

4. check out pascal obispo‘s official youtube channel. he’s recently uploaded some of his albums, maybe even all of them. i post an old favourite for you to get an idea of his style.

5. i’ve watched dozens of ted talks recently. you have my favourite below.

6. love by gaspar noe fails to reach its goal: showcasing the greatest trip there is – sex while in love. why? well…

a. he cast non-actors because the real professionals were probably not excited to be part of a meta-porn. during the film, i was wondering: is the script so boring or is it the soulless delivery of these kids? i couldn’t decide.

b. the subtext of the whole film seems to be a huge ego trip. it looks like noe’s personal experiences photoshopped into a perfect formula of young bodies and sex.

trivia: all the male characters are versions of the director: the baby and the gallerist who are called gaspar and noe. and his obvious alter ego, the main male character is a young, dumb and full of cum caricature. one of the few small characters who don’t bear the 2 names is the director himself.

c. the supposedly transgressive sex scenes are choreographed for the camera and mind-numbingly fake. pff…

7. vincent urban has a vimeo channel featuring short travel films. the team behind them varies but it’s mainly 3 german boys who travel the world and then share it with us. you must watch their videos: they’re mesmerizing and hugely inspiring. way to go, guys!

8. midway through the month, we took a very short sinaia trip. it was during the week so i enjoyed the emptiness of the town and the instant friendships i struck with the dogs i met.

this is the oblique villa. the rooms are not at all crooked. we had a nice, quiet time there!


it was cold and foggy. i liked it.


this is the peles castle.


inside and outside the sinaia train station.


9. ever since i discovered duolingo at the begining of 2015, i went once through portuguese and twice through spanish. and now i’ve started italian because i want to be able to order my own food and ask where the toilet is during my end of the summer trip to italy. so far, i’ve been doing great since italian must be the easiest language to learn for a romanian. i love discovering a new language!

march 2016 finds

10. last but not least, lately i’ve been busy researching london and paris because i’ll be there quite soon. i can’t wait to go back and get my fix of newness!

Tree top walkway from the air

photo and video credits: copyright holders

photo credits for sinaia: little aesthete