march 2017 finds is the result of a funny month.

march 2017 finds

1. i think i should start with the bigger news. namely that i’ve moved to valencia full time until further notice. i feel weird about announcing this but it kinda explains most of the other entries on the list. so…

march 2017 finds 1

2. i discovered a place that made me feel like i was in japan. hikari is a yakitori bar in ruzafa, valencia. i totally recommend it. it’s the younger sibling of nozomi, the sushi place i’m planning to try soon. since hikari does not take reservations, try to be there maybe 10 minutes before their opening time of 8:30. enjoy!

march 2017 finds 2

3. for an undetermined amount of time, valencia was completely absorbed by the fallas. it’s an yearly festival that has recently become a unesco intangible cultural heritage. i will post about it separately otherwise this risks to get too long. anyhow, imagine traditional costumes, loud explosions and burning fires all over the city! yeah!

march 2017 finds 3

4. i came across this by chance. it’s very good. i identify with the girl who wants to do and be and look however the hell she feels like. grrl power!

5. i watched the first 2 episodes of that design series on netflix. oh, dear…such pompous, much wow…

6. i spent a weekend in madrid. it was so good albeit crowded af. click here and here to see a selection of my pictures.

march 2017 finds 4

7. while having dinner one night in madrid, i heard an old mecano song on the radio. i couldn’t get it out of my head so i got on youtube and had a party of one. mecano are a superband from spain. they were huge in the 80s. i post my favourite but they have many cool songs.

8. i saw somebody post a song from hooverphonic with an orchestra. i went to find blue wonder power milk and i listened to it in a loop like i did back in 2001. check them out, especially this special live version!

9. i barely went out of the house for the entire month. i only went out for social stuff. i haven’t even been to the supermarket yet. still, i managed to go to madrid and to el saler, the wilder local beach.

march 2017 finds 5

10. i couldn’t read any books this month, but i managed to get though a magazine. it’s called porter and is the print offering of online retail giant net-a-porter. since it’s published 4 times a year, the content is dense and quite interesting. the disadvantage is that they mostly address their target audience: rich people. well…read between the lines, as usual with women’s magazines.

march 2017 finds 6

11. tokio hotel is back with a new album. i’m listening to their disco fun what if. the boys are currently touring europe, if you’re interested!

12 last but not least, lana del rey has a new song out and i, of course, love it. it went right into heavy rotation!

13. ghost in the shell or el alma de la maquina came to town on march the 31st and we went to see it (in english). it was ok, occasionally beautiful but all i want now is see the 1995 original again and see what’s what. in brief: scarlett is rather meh but i guess she couldn’t be too intense since she was an android, michael pitt is very good and the general atmosphere is not as cool as that of the original.

ps: fyi scarlett kisses no one so the trailer is a lie lol

on a related note, here’s tricky’s track and the teeth-grinding cover of depeche mode’s enjoy the silence by ki theory.

what have you been doing?

photo and video credits: copyright holders, little aesthete