march 202 finds is not necessarily a longer list than usual. that’s because my life was just as reclusive before corona came about. i hope everyone is ok, wherever you are. (the pic below is from last summer)

1.i have recently bought and read a novela grafica, sabrina by nick drnaso. it was the first graphic novel ever short-listed for the booker prize. well, it was a bit nebulous for me to like. but the drawing style is good. and the way the author used drawing and text is interesting, it made me think about his possibilities. i’ll let slide the impossibly tiny font and the dark background. the topic of the book is interesting and current: what happens after a girl is killed pointlessly. the way the story mutates organically, how the internet intervenes, how friends and family are affected. but i was disappointed by the delivery. anyway, i read it in portuguese, so at least it was good practice.

i read this review in the guardian and i must tell you that i found a few new details. i think the author may rely on the reader too much when it comes to them making out who’s who and what’s happening. i understand allowing them to pick up the clues as opposed to feeding them explained details, but he does it a bit too much. the story is rather a very complex picture you get to see from several angles. the author serves some concepts and you can choose to think about them.

2. youtube recommended me this older arca video. it’s interested. nsfw though, watch out.

3. i watched ugly delicious 2, hoping it fixed the faults of the 1st season. well, it didn’t. the show is chaotic and muddy. 3/4 of the guests are dull. chang is out there, winging the whole damn thing. the approach is kinda ignorant. his surprise when faced with foreign food cultures is at least weird in 2020, especially since he is a star chef. there are only 2 redeeming things in the whole thing: the cameos by padma lakshmi and david choe.

4. one day, a friend drove me and some friends to barcelos. we spent a few hours in the town of origin of the galo portugues. the light was bad so i don’t have pictures.

5. i read an online comic about an insane school concept called elan. a place meant to fix kids with bad tendencies. parents signed off their kids to a violent cult. i liked the way the author uses the scroll format and how each episode ends with a cliffhanger.

6. an oldie but goldie from my teenage years..

7. our last trip was to the arouca area. it’s one hour drive away from porto.

8. i read sonia ridica mana by lavinia braniste. the story is rather unstructured, but she has the talent to drag it along seamlessly. the book is an easy, quite satisfying read. i recommend it.

9. i like this channel. i don’t know its name though.

10. i follow never too small. it documents cool uses of limited space.

11. i find solace in watching the impressed cat video channel. a person is documenting their many interactions with cats.

12. i listen to new korean music all the time. here are some new favourites.

13. a very interesting article about gender type things by paul b. preciado.

14. i came across this chet baker cover by ibeyi and benjamin biolay. nais!

15. this is one of my favourite live versions of this favourite song of mine.

16. tom barman used to be in 3 bands deus, taxi wars and magnus. the latter disbanded in 2018.

17. i was in lanzarotte exactly one year ago. here’s a cool house with a great location on the island.

18. a new album by sebastien tellier: domesticated.

19. i read an interesting article about how toki monsta lost some important abilities after a brain surgery and then gained them back.

20. i love this channel. the name says it all: cats and domino.

21. this is a virtual tour of czech artist jan kalab‘s new show rhodes: solar. i saw his work a couple of years ago in bucharest. and i missed his 2019 show in valencia. click to discover him!

22. this is the streaming of the closed door opening of julian opie‘s show in museu berardo in belem, portugal. opie’s work has been very popular in recent years, especially in asia, but not exclussively. enjoy!

23. the last time i was in porto was march the 4th.

24. i enjoyed reading about tokyo-based big love records co-founder, haruka hirata.

25. i watched layer cake with daniel craig. claudia schiffer’s actual husband and guy ritchie’s former producer thought that directing a film about the british underworld is piece of cake. so he made one. he tried doing exactly what he saw ritchie doing only the film is laughable, a caricature. sienna miller did the sexy young woman bit she’s known for. as usual, romanian marcel iures is typecast as the east-european villain. you can hear him bark some romanian in the film, although they say it’s serbian. mr. craig seems to be acting in a men’s ad. cigarettes, cologne, whatever. he’s fit, well-dressed and he never smiles. the only good this film did was act as a big audion that got him the 007 role.

26. i tried to watch uncut gems. although i realize it was the intention of the directors, the maddening rhythm and tone of the film made me stop watching. i understand why adam sandler would like to be seen as more than just a goofy comedian, but i was not convinced. maybe the second half is redeeming.

27. night on earth is a series about what animals do when we are asleep. very good.

28. a few magazines offer free digital copies of their current issues. i went through vogue paris. dazed wants your data in order to let you read their latest issue featuring billie eillish. british vogue says they’re offering their current rihanna issue for free, too. several spanish and portuguese magazines are doing the same. find them and scroll.

29. the last walks we took were at the beach, where there were barely any people.

30. i read los surcos del azar by paco roca. a difficult war story conveyed in an easy, compelling comic format. senor roca knows what he’s doing.

31. i read kitchen by banana yoshimoto. an awkwardly generated world featuring a lot of cliches and superlatives. i didn’t see the appeal.

32. nine inch nails has just launched a new album called ghosts V: together. you can listen to it below. it’s airy and instrumental, more soundtrack and less industrial.

33. i finally watched parasite. although it’s not the worst film in the world, it’s defo not palme d’or material. especially when dolor y gloria was among the other films considered. the film is forced and unrefined. from what i gather, poor people deserve our compassion even if they do very questionable things. even if they plot and execute complex illegal schemes that peak with murder. on the other hand, the rich are portrayed in a very schematic, dehumanized way. they are so irrelevant that their story lines are not even knotted at the end. watch it in a flight, if you have to. watch it to be able to explain to others why it doesn’t deserve the hype.

34. i watched hustlers, too. its imdb score is a well-deserved 6.3. i heard people were complaining that j-lo didn’t get an oscar for this. the oscars have never been a golden standard, but still.

35. crazy rich asians sex and the city only instead of new york we have singapore, complete with strong colonial vibes, obscene wealth and that marina sands pool. i’d say this is the perfect feel-good in-flight film.

36. i read a very interesting article about the fatherhood of a few famous people. try not to cry.

37. an article about how zoo animals are missing visitors during corona times. aw!

38. this is an article in spanish by pedro almodovar. among many other memories, he tells us how madonna wanted antonio banderas back in the day. despite the fact that the malagueno was married to ana leza at the time. great memoir type of text, if you can read it.

he wrote another article a couple of days ago. read about his lockdown in madrid.

39. beekeeping as seen by a life-long friend of the bees.

40. one day, i posted a romanian children’s book from 1945. it must’ve been my father’s. it was interesting to re-read it and notice that language has barely changed in all this time.

in conclusion, please stay in and do all those things you swear you never have time for. stay safe!

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders