march 2022 finds is late. once again, i’ve had too much work.


1. i made the mistake to buy vogue italia and vogue paris while i was away. apart from the donatella cover and story, not so much interesting stuff.

2. vogue paris has a good cover and story on laetitia casta. but both magazines feature too much recycled content from their bigger sister publications.

3. as it turns out, reading british vogue is the best value for your money.

4. ad spain has a good story on turrell’s new project and an article on ricardo bofill.

5. i’ve also read 2 issues of spanish food-centric magazine, tapas. i like what they’re doing there. i’ll keep on buying the magazine when i can.


6. i discovered bambara in somebody’s insta stories. they are currently touring europe. my favourite is slither in the rain. listen to their new ep, love on my mind.

7. my newest earworm comes courtesy of harry styles.

8. these are some old favourites. love is strong by the rolling stones.

9. anybody seen my baby by the rolling stones.

10. and thursday’s child by david bowie.


11. we had a nice, spacious suite in cadiz, at good night cadiz apartments. quiet, clean, modern and central.

12. our cordoba home was hotel hospes palacio del bailio. eerily quiet in spite of being there during carnival weekend, attentive personnel and a great bed.

13. we were in bologna for 2 nights. aemilia hotel upgraded our room to one that had a wonderful view of the city towers. we liked the area, the bed and the roof terrace.

14. we travelled for one month. my favorite accomodation was in venezia, hotel indigo. we enjoyed our 6-night stay near a wonderful park near sant’elena vaporetto stop.


15. i bought in sevilla 2 citric scents by monotheme, an italian brand. i got bergamotto and verdi d’arancia. the latter is a very affordable dupe of my favourite, hermes’ concentre d’orange verte.

16. i got a lip balm from the chanel’s new camellia collection. they have increased their prices in recent months and i don’t see why. i wouldn’t recommend the balm. find something similar, of better quality, at a fraction of the price on any k-beauty site.


17. old enough documents toddlers running their first errand. yes, in japan, of course. where else would we let young kids out and about on their own? find it on netflix, it’s a surprise hit show.


18. if you have ever wanted to cook japanese food, this channel is a nice way to start.

19. takashii from japan is a japanese young man who interviews people in the street. i like his work.

20. the take is discussing tropes in films. i find it very interesting.

21. i laughed until i cried.

22. if you are even remotely interested in fashion, you must follow loic prigent. he’s amazing at his job.

23. if you are into music production and music making, follow broken record. there are many episodes hosted by rick rubin.

it’s too late to ask about your march, right? hasta pronto! 🙂

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders