march 2023 finds is here! it’s very late because i was in vienna for a couple of weeks.


1. i’ve finished non-binary by genesis p-orridge. you’ll like this autobiography if you are already a fan. maybe it’s worth mentioning that it was written with the help of a ghost writer.

2. i zipped through ma gasesti cand vrei by lavinia braniste. it’s the story of an abusive relationship. i recommend it, she’s probably the strongest romanian writer i know.

3. i loved vienna 1900 wien by janina nentwig. lots of pictures and some text help the reader get an idea about the viennese arts of that era.


4. this month was weird. beside reading my regular british vogue, i went to one of my libraries and i discovered an unexpected treasure. they have dozens of magazine titles from all over the world in digital format.

5. so i read the last issue of vogue italia.

6. the last wallpaper.

7. the last 2 vogue paris, the ones with jisoo and angele on the cover.

8. the last numero with hunter schaffner

9. the last vogue australia. they have a new editor, xx.

10. the last 3 artforum issues.

11. the last 2 frieze issues.

12. and the last mousse.


13. i read roughneck by jeff lemire in portuguese. i liked the storyline, the tone and the drawings.


14. i went to lisbon to see deus again. the concert was the best of the 7 times i’ve seen them live. tom was in great shape and spirits. and he prompted us to go on stage. yep!

here you have the full concert from cologne from earlier this year.

15. i listened to rubel’s new double album called as palavras. it’s a surprising departure from his original style.

16. i listened to lana del rey’s new album, too. i found it weak.


17. i’ve been watching succession. i like how they let you observe and decide the worth of each person. i’d like the dry humour more if it wasn’t so homogenous among the characters. i hate the jerky camera work. but i do have a crush on kieran, a short extract with him on insta made me watch the whole series.

18. beef was good enough. i especially loved the soundtrack.

19. i skipped through a k-drama i saw many years ago. it’s called my love from the star. it’s one of the most appreciated dramas, maybe you’d like it.


20. ai wei wei found peace in portugal. i did, too. his new show has recently opened at the design museum in london.

21. susie lau writes about the home of her family, hong kong.


22. tokyo street style is in a league of its own.

how was your march?

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete