march 2024 finds is here.


1. i enjoyed spain: the monocle handbook. it’s a long list of interesting bars, bakeries, hotels, etc.

2. i checked out andaluzia by eliane faure (author) and christiae sappa (photographer). wonderful pictures!

3. same goes for extremadura by julian rodriguez (author), javier cercas (author), alejandro perez (photographer).

4. the school for good mothers by jessamine chan was a fast, but not easy read. the story is mom-guilt on steroids. the biggest problem for me was the fact that i could never forget i was reading. i’m not a mother, maybe that would have helped.


5. i read nick cave mercy on me by reinhard kleist in portuguese. the illustrations are interesting, the storyline, not so much. he wrote the johnny cash comic i read recently, in the same style.

6. i expected more from a arte da guerra de sun tzu also, but i guess that’s on me.


7. this is the first issue of british vogue with new editor chioma nnadi. fka twigs on the cover, a story about an open marriage with 2 kids, a big skincare section and a style story featuring ayo edebiri. i’m content.

8. in my seville hotel, i had a pile of open house issues. i went through all until i reached the ones i bought myself, years ago. given that it’s a biannual magazine, it did not take very long. i like the magazine: bilingual articles plus pictures of architecturally interesting places.


9. i was at a party recently and a version of this song popped up. behaviour is a pet shop boys album from 1990. it was the first album i have ever bought, in 1992. it was a cassette!

10. i like the marias. and i like their latest single, run your mouth.

11. arab strap is back with a new album called i’m totally fine with it don’t give a fuck anymore. strawberry moon sounds great.

my old favourite is don’t ask me to dance from the last romance.

12. the libertines has a couple of new videos and their storylines are connected.


13. placido y grata was the perfect quiet oasis i needed in sevilla.


14. i have just discovered call her daddy by alex cooper. i listened to three episodes: megan fox, anitta and offset. they were interesting enough.


15. i have always loved stationery. check out this channel if you do, too.

16. check this video if you want to see the copenhagen home of a former model/current designer, a chef and their 3 kids.

17. another home, another model.

18. who doesn’t like christian bale?

19. i might’ve shared this before. it’s an interesting video about the life of a former k-pop star.

20. sarah works for tokyo creative. but this video is from her own channel called seerasan.

how was your march? if you want to see what i’m doing, check my insta.

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete