march and april 2019 finds is looong. because i was away for a couple of weeks and things got out of hand. so let’s start!

1.i watched the 4 episodes of chef’s table 6. you’ll like it if you liked the others.

2. this month i went through fewer comics. because i knew i was going to travel, i returned all my library books.

  • el acoholico – words by jonathan ames and drawings by dean haspiel. weak, imo.
  • adicto al amor – confesiones de un follador en serie by koren shadmi. i don’t remember much about this one.

Also, i read two comics by andreea chirica: the year of the pioneer and therapy cat. i love both.

3. naomi in the best haute couture show this spring: pier paolo piccioli for maison valentino. beautiful!

4. i’m still listening to this guy.

5. since i knew i was going to see them at the end of the month, i allowed myself to slide into a deus hole. where it was warm, comfortable and fuzzy.

i listened to old stuff and to new stuff. i watched the videos. i looped some songs during my walks. i still like them a whole lot.

tom barman has been one of my ghosts for decades. i like the soothing music, his quiet voice, the wonderfully sad lyrics. the way he subtly folds a beautiful song around his inability to be a good boyfriend.

i like their loud songs, too. the diy videos, the randomness and relaxed interactions. i wish i was a fly on the wall in that world, antwerp, tour life, studio life. i’ve somehow always known they are people i can learn from.

6. bombas gens has a new show. japanese photographers from the vivo and provoke movements. among them, daido moriyama and nobushi araki.

7. the fallas came but we were just marginally interested this year.

8. we got tickets and went to two of the canary islands. first, we went to fuerteventura. i had done some research, but i was not ready for it. the otherness of the islands was overwhelming.

9. then, we spent a week in lanzarote.

10. we discovered cesar manrique. and how his work marks the entire island. he was a smart, talented guy.

11. i liked the wilderness of the islands. i saw ardillas morunas, some sort of earth squirrels. a roadrunner, sanderlings, lizards, herons, falcons, lots of hoopoes, crabs – including a very rare species of local blind crabs.
oh! and on our last day, i saw two dead portuguese tugs o’war on a beach.

our aibnb was full of lots of friendly cats who adopted us immediately. in exchange for snuggles and snacks, ofc. we also met donkeys. and a pony!

i loved being able to just see it all. the fact that the super unfriendly scenery discouraged man from changing it was great for the other living things.

12. i loved the canarias. we ate well. we had amazing silence i had forgotten existed. we swam in the cold ocean. we got a tan.

go if you have the chance. stay away from the towns, find the tiny villages and their chiringuitos on the beach. the surf beaches lined with campers. rent a car and go everywhere. smile, everybody will smile back. buy the aloe vera, you’ll need it for your sun burns. eat papas arrugadas with mojo. do it all. you won’t be sorry.

13. i binge watched queer eye 3, of course. it was good. now, i’m looking forward for the special they filmed in japan.

14. dolor y gloria is almodovar’s latest film. seeing a new almodovar in a spanish cinema so soon after its release was a little dream come true. it opened on march the 22nd and it was shown in 15 cinemas in valencia during the first week!

the film was wonderful. nothing new and everything new.
i saw it again within a month. i cried both times, of course. beautiful!

15. i’ve never heard of scott barnes before. my loss. he’s a real make-up artist! i was mind-blown by his techniques. i loved him!

16. this video by camila coelho about her day in paris with dior was remarkable. check it out to see a part of the dior archives. very interesting!

17. sky ferreira finally released music. i like.

18. i spent a few days at home trying to finish every last bit of work. and then i left again. first to lille via bruxelles.

i liked the chill vibe of the city.

19. the reason for our visit was the deus concert at zenith. triggerfinger opened. i cried there, too.

20. we spent half a day in lam, just outside of lille. i liked the giacometti show, but everything else as well.

21. then, we took the tgv to paris. we spent 3 days basically in marais, by chance. we didn’t fight it.

we saw calder at musee picasso. 

jr’s temporary piece celebrating the louvre pyramide’s 30th birthday.

a manga kind of show at musee en herbe.

and otani workshop at galerie perrotin.

23. then, i spent 2 weeks in bucharest.

24. i saw mcqueen. i liked his work but the film was less than half of what it could have been.

25. i went to mare, the museum of recent art. i loved it.

26. a series of 4 interesting videos about the back stage of model life.

27. rome elvis has a sister called angele. check out her new anti-sexist song and video!

28. wow! i liked these two gift shops. they look a lot like a bio food shop just outside osaka train station. i bet the architect’s the same.

nope, i was wrong. but click here to see how similar they are.

29. i liked this song and video by YunB.

30. beside paris and jamaica, lenny seems to also live in brazil every once in a while.

31. interesting video about the making of luxury paint.

32. i liked this article about architect ricardo bofill.

33. this is funny. wired writes about how romanian witches use the digital world.

33. i saw green book and i liked it.

34. so much that i’ve afterwards started to watch these actor round tables. there are many not just the one i posted below.

35. i love azuma makoto‘s work. check out his instagram and youtube channel.

36. i’ve gotten a little crazy about skin care in recent years. on one hand, i’m aging and on another, the water in valencia is hard and the sun is always out.

i love the new extended skin food range from weleda. i like the 2 oily serums from the ordinary. and i’m particularly happy about the cosrx stick i got for my everyday bag. oh, and while i was in lanzarote i went through half of a reinvigorating minty aloe vera gel.

37. if you like tacos, watch todos los tacos. i loved it!

38. click here to find out about the triadic ballet by oskar schlemmer. at the end of the article, there’s a half an hour video. 2019 is the 100th anniversary of bauhaus.

39. in other cosmetics news, i got dr. jart’s new peptidin. i was mesmerized by the very cool packaging. it’s my favourite korean brand, so why not? i am not disappointed.

40. one last road trip before the month’s end. we first stopped in cuenca. i loved it!

41. both nights, we slept in paradores de turismo. we loved the first one, the one in cuenca. it’s located in a former convent.

42. we stopped in alarcon. we discovered the surprising murals by jesus mateo. the inside of the empty church had unbelievable acoustics!

43. albacete was underwhelming. at least the part that we saw. but i did like the museo de cuchilleria!

44. last, we stopped in the beautiful alcala del jucar. all the houses you see clinging to the slope started out as cave houses. we visited the castillo on top of the hill and there is a casa cueva inside that you can see.

45. i refused to check out billie eillish as soon as i saw her. because she was popping up everywhere and it felt like marketing to me. but i finally did. not bad. i’ll keep on watching her work.

45. i love this unexpected collab: fukk sleep by asap rocky and fka twigs. perfect!

how is your spring coming along?

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders