march finds 2015 is what i was able to sneak in during this busy month.

march finds 2015 6

1. i never knew i needed these. but i do!

they are called pentel color brushes and are basically reservoir brushes. available in 12 colours, they glide on super smoothly and the stroke is perfect. i love the red!

2. i received the current issue of gentlewoman as a wonderful gift. i was excited to read the cover story about bjork. other highlights include miranda july, susie wolff, hannah macgibbon and andrea zittel.

march finds 2015 2

3. since my hair has gotten down to my waist, i decided to invest in it a little. i’ve just bought tigi’s bed head shampoo and conditioner set together with a texturizing paste. i have high hopes!

march finds 2015 1

4. i mentioned before that i was waiting for some trips to falls into place. two of them are happening and two are not. unfortunately, the intercontinental ones will have to wait for now. but now i’m certain: i am going to spend some time in amsterdam in the near future.

march finds 2015 3

5. also, i booked airflight tickets for switzerland in the summer.

march finds 2015 4

6. one of the failed trips was sao paolo. it was a long shot, so no harm, no foul. the other one was a job in singapore. it was confirmed but, due to budget cuts, it was cancelled in the end. that’s not as important as the fact that i was planning to go to hong kong during the same trip. because yoshitomo nara is having two (!!!) exhibitions in the city.

so, if you happen to be in hoko, avenge me and check these out: pace gallery and asia society. i’m pretty sure this is the regret of the year for me…

march finds 2015 5

7. also, if i was in london, i’d go to see anish kapoor at lisson gallery. watch out for this one, he’s been recently chosen to feature his work in versailles. stay tuned!

Anish Kapoor

8. i’m really into tokio hotel’s latest video, feel it all. directed by underground swedish director mattias erik johansson, the clip shows what life could have been for bill if he was a normal kid in berlin. i like it that the boys decided to take a break from the over stylized stuff they did in the past and go for a gritty perspective peppered with violence, sex and hard drugs. bill is so convincing that i cannot tell whether this is acting or not. for the credits, check out the last frames of the video. there is a dedication too: to all the mammals in the sea. anyway, good job!

you can watch the making of below. i can’t get over bill’s acting skills!

i have been working a lot so i haven’t been doing all that much otherwise. i’m still getting my ass kicked by portuguese on duolingo and i’m about to finish that creative writing course. what have you been doing?

photo and video credits: copyright holders, little aesthete