maud vantours does a sort of compelling 3d paper cutting that fascinates me. her repetitive patterns appeal to my ocd and i believe the pieces are plain beautiful. she makes me think i should try making things instead of simply admiring what others do.

i asked her for a few answers and she was kind to give them to me. enjoy them below!


can you please tell us about you?
please see my biography on my website

what are your sources of inspiration?
it can be anything, a trip or an exhibition. sometimes, i can have an idea and don’t know where this idea comes from. my brain is constantly ready to be inspired.

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what is your process? iā€™m interested in finding out more about how you achieve those surreal juxtapositions. is it by hand or do you use a computer + cutter plotter combination?
sometimes, i draw by hand and sometimes i use my computer. then, i can cut it by hand or with a plotter. it depends on the scale of the project and the material used.

do you do collaborations?
yes, i collaborate a lot with photographers, other artists or with young brands like bijoux de famille.

maud vantours 9 maud vantours 6 maud vantours 7 maud vantours 8

below, a collaboration with guerlain

maud vantours 13maud vantours 11maud vantours 12

who are your favorite artists?
i love giuseppe penone‘s work, it’s poetic and powerful. also, louise bourgeois, andy goldsworthy and lots of other artists.

can we find the series of objects printed with your work anywhere or where they just a limited edition?
unfortunately, it was a limited edition for atomic soda and the website rad.

maud vantours 1

what are your plans for the future? what should we look out for?
my plan is to continue working on nice projects and to try to collaborate more and more with other artists.

SONY DSC maud vantours 18 SONY DSC maud vantours 20 maud vantours 21 maud vantours 22

thank you, maud! we’ll be watching your work on your website and facebook!

photo credits: maud vantours