mm is back by popular demand with an interview no less. enjoy!

what was your professional trajectory and what were the highlights?

the first job with a direct fashion connection was image consultant for the national television, about 8 years ago. afterwards, elle hired me and the rest is history. i haven’t had tons of jobs, i’m generally quite consistent. moreover, in romania there aren’t that many alternatives. especially if we only consider the fashion editor / stylist jobs.

what do you find inspiring?

i’m inspired by france. their cinematography, their cult for cafes & brasseries. in a nutshell, pretty much everything that has to do with paris. obviously, an inspiration source stays an inspiration source. and that can be a flying seagull, a sand promenade, a certain girl, a conversation overheard in the tramway, etc.

what would your perfect life look like?

i’m perfectly happy with my current life. i’m not interested in material things. i wish I fell in love this year. and… not much else. 🙂

do you have any secret talents?

yes. i love pole dancing!

any favourite stylists out there? or designers?

i admire roitfeld and emmanuelle alt. sometimes, I like katie grand. oh, i also like the numero team – the french edition.

who is on your great personal style list?

emmanuelle alt, although i personally don’t believe in lists, tops and such. but I like alt a lot. she’s special, no complicated appearances, she has an extraordinary finesse, a pallor that fascinates me. she’s superb!

how does your work inform your everyday style? and viceversa?

i’m not exactly sure about the meaning of this question. perhaps it’s not the right wording… still, assuming that I did understand, I would have worn acne or i would’ve bought demeulemeester bags regardless of my job, of the sector i’d be working in. i’m not a fashiom victim. i buy what i like. it’s simple 🙂

dream job?

my current job – fashion editor for elle. i don’t know what’ll happen in 10 years. do you?

are we too poor to buy cheap? is it better to wear disposable knock-offs or invest in timeless pieces? or should one make a wardrobe by combining the two?

hm… good question. i think it has a lot to do with personal choice. price is not really a factor for me. by that, i don’t mean that i afford to spend as much as i want, whenever i want it. i mean that what i really like is often expensive. i think it’s up for each person to find their way. there are wonderful people, with a well defined style, who don’t care about clothes. but, investing in timeless pieces still is a valid option, obviously. given the fact that they’ll never bore you…

what’s 2011 going to bring, style-wise! teach us!

we have another monochrome episode ahead of us. but pastel colours as well. the best example is jil sander! a feast! and, in 2011, my advice for you is to wear what you like, when and how you like it. know your body and make the best of it! the rest is just details.

i personally see bucharest getting cooler. is it just me? please give us your favourite places to hang out!

yes, you’re probably right. i’ve noticed that the kids are better and better looking. it’s a sign of normality, after all. and that can only be a good thing.

personally, i like to go out in control, have my coffee at shift, during the summer, at the lente terrace ar at the galeria una. that sums it up:)

merci beaucoup, maurice!