i recently came over maurizio anzeri‘s work and my favourite of his pieces is from the series he did sometime in late 2011, when he was commissioned to work on richard burbridge’s pictures in a dazed and confused project. amazing!

the loano-born, london-based artist is well-known for his photo-sculptures. he makes them from vintage photographs picked up from flea markets during his travels that he sews on, turning the initial image into something quite different.

he puts tracing paper on the photo and draws until he gets an idea about what needs to be done with it. when he decided, he pierces the outline and then removes the paper and starts sewing. he only has one rule: at least one of the eyes needs to be open.

he worked with the late alexander mcqueen and isabella blow and says that stayed in london because of the people he met.  charles saatchi exhibited him in his gallery – newspeak: british art now, which brought him a great deal of exposure.

he gets me thinking of needles and colourful thread!

photo credits: google search