may 2015 finds is what’s been keeping me interested this past month.

may 2015 finds

1. i have very recently seen comoara (the treasure), corneliu porumboiu’s latest film. it’s recently won un certain talent at the cannes film festival. the film is presently in cinemas across romania and it will be soon distributed around europe as well. i recommend it for the delicious romanianisms and for porumboiu’s minimalist style!

may 2015 finds 1

2. i featured my 1st &other stories palette back in february (see point 7). funnily enough, i also mentioned their second palette and how i’d like to get it. you guessed it, while in amsterdam, i bought that one too. now i have two palettes, enough make up to last me a life time!

may 2015 finds 2

3. since i make a point of visiting pretty much any cos store i get access to, i got their cos magazine. the current issue is all about paper. the highlights include 6 contributors with a 1 sqm of paper brief, hi-tech publisher gerard steidl, collage artist linder, author taiye selasi and book seller sylvia whitman. interestingly, the format mixes glossy and matte paper. i loved this issue: lots of interested content as a gift on top of my newest cos purchases. bravo!

may 2015 finds 3

4. i flew klm to and from amsterdam. i was pleasantly reminded about the wonderful level of their services. i was surprised to discover their great in-flight magazine, holland herald. since i left in april and came back in may, i was able to take home two issues. i never take home useless stuff: the cover stories were about florentijn hofman and noma tokyo. how cool is that?

may 2015 finds 6

5. funny thing: a while ago, i tried and failed to find a song i’d heard while i was out. by chance, i finally found it. it was the verve’s love is noise. check it out!

6. i bought girl in a band the day i arrived in amsterdam and finished it in a few days. it’s the story of a stable woman finding her way. the book is a real memoir and it gives insight into ms. gordon’s personal life. there are cameos from kurt cobain, courtney love and larry gagosian, among others, and a certain amount of dirt is dished. it’s a nice way of talking it out and then putting it away. if bjork made a break up album, kim wrote a break up book.

kim put the music behind since her husband’s cheating lead to a divorce, disbandment and new opportunities including becoming a published author and going back to making art. she is one of the best role models for girls!

may 2015 finds 8

7. since i finished the book super fast and had some time to spare, i also bought anthony kiedis’ scar tissue. it’s a 500-page roller coaster ride of drugs and crazy times. i’ve been into his music ever since the early 90s so i welcomed the insight, even if it was sugar-coated. apart from enough drugs to cover a sky scrapper, there are cameos from lots of rock stars. which was the most unexpected piece of trivia? probably the fact that anthony was once involved with nina hagen. interesting!

may 2015 finds 9

8. i have a friend in amsterdam and she works at this underground culture magazine. they have a great deal: you pay 8 euros once a month and enjoy all their music, arts and film events for free! it’s called subbacultcha and it’s how i went to two concerts and a few museums.

may 2015 finds 10

9. the last subbacultcha concert was the canadian band braids. i went in without expectations and i ended up loving the show, the location and the company. a night to remember!

i attach one of their albums so you can get an idea.

10. asap rocky is cool and all but, so far, it was rather his persona that i liked, not his music. but the recently released lsd (love x sex x dreams) is both trippy and hypnotic enough to be my newest earworm. also, the video is shot in tokyo, the trippiest places of them all!

these were the highlights of may for me! what were yours?

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