may 2016 finds is mainly a bunch of youtube finds, basically… well, that’s been my jam lately so… check it out!

may 2016 finds

1. taylor r is a canadian model and youtubber living and posting in tokyo. her sugary kawai style may or may not be your cup of tea. but for now, i cannot stop watching her and her teacup doggie, rosie!

2. jeffree star is a handful. he is currently a make up artist with a highly successful make up brand of his own (he used to put out music awhile ago). also, he’s a gender fluid character with a larger than life persona. watch him getting ready and smoking with laganja estranja. enjoy!

3. tuttle publishing recently sent me dharma delight by musho rodney alan greenblat, “a visionary post pop comic guide to buddhism and zen”. a light, fun introduction into the basics of buddhism and zen. since i am a total beginner, i welcomed the idea of a soft intro. colourful and partly-autobiographical, the book explains various concepts and parables to the reader, making the progress seemless.

may 2016 finds 1

4. i finally bought high-rise the book after wanting to get it for so long. i like j.g. ballard and i’m pretty sure i’ll like this book too. but i’ve watched the film in the meantime and all i can say is that it was… hard to follow. now that i was so disappointed by the film, i’m even more interested in seeing how the book is. i’ll keep you posted!

5. there is a farm out there fitting animals with prosthetic limbs. i have never seen anything more heart warming!

6. i watched the few episodes of munchies where charlet goes to wales to discover the local food flavours. find them and watch them all. i love her and i loved the mini-series!

7. i have brought the unbelievable danish post punk band iceage to your attention sometime last year. here you have their full concert at the boiler room in berlin.

8. and since you can notice i’m crushing hard here, here’s an extra 4-episode iceage documentary. you can only watch part 2 with a danish ip…

9.  this is grace neutral‘s i.d.-powered foray into the underground style of seoul. what’s beyond korean cosmetics and plastic surgery? find out below!

10. on the i.d. channel, i’ve also found this gem. a video about kiev underground style. very vetements, if you know what i mean!

this was my list of finds. what have you stumbled upon?

photo and video credits: copyright holders