may 2019 finds is in time. and the list is not crazy long.

1.homecoming. i’m not a beyonce fan. but this documentary was both inspiring and interesting. 

2. i binge watched dead to me. i’ll probably watch the second series when it comes out.

3. this guy and his suit collection.

4. i forced myself to read alice en el pais de las maravillas. yes, in spanish. i didn’t finish it yet, but i will very soon.

5. j.g. ballard is a favourite of mine. click here to read an interview he gave the paris review.

6. i continue with this guy. here, he’s with his ex-wife they were recently in cannes together, too. i like a former pair who are able to keep the friendship going.

here, he is with his current girlfriend.

7. youtube thought i might like this one. and i did.

8. i found a live version of fukk sleep.

9. gucci has the best behind the scenes video from the met. and yeah, i still like harry styles.

10. un homme fidele is louis garrell’s first film as a director. he acts in it, alongside his real life wife, laetitia casta. i’ve been waiting to see it for months. it was not good, but it was not bad, either. lily-rose did defo not make it better, that’s all i’m saying. i liked the kid who played joseph, though.

11. i binged watched vernon subutex. canal+ transformed the first volume into 9 episodes. virgie despentes was not involved neither in the script writing or in the directing. anyway, i liked the cast, i liked the vibe, i liked how it’s not commercially driven. you see lots of imperfections, diversity of age and race and backgrounds. c’est francais, quoi. i can’t wait to see the rest.

12. i watched the second season of she’s gotta have it in two days. it was interesting.

13. i came to porto and i’m still here. but it’s not for fun, so i haven’t post so many pics.

14. disintegration is the second album i ever bought, back in 1991. the cure played it, in the original sequence on the 30th of may in sydney and streamed it live. it marked the 30th anniversary of the album. i loved it! you can watch it below.

15. although it was technically the 1st of June, even if only by a couple of hours, i’ll still include this. i’ve been following christeene on insta for a couple of years. i love her. she’s possible the best communicator out there.

so, when i heard she was going to perform in porto while i was there, it was clear. but then i heard her slot started at 2:45. i finally decided to go to sleep and wake up at 2. we got there just in time. i went all the way to the front row and i’m definitely not sorry. i loved it!

have a nice month. see you soon!

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders