may 2021 finds is here. the list is shorter than usual. for the many things that happened, find me on instagram.


1. mars violet by my friend oana lohan was published mid-april in paris. i read it as soon as i was able to lay my hands on it. oana has a special writing style. the story covers the end of communism in romania, a painful topic for the romanians who lived it. I enjoyed reading the book and i recommended it to my friends.

2. strange weather in tokyo is the second book i read by hiromi kawakami. i liked it more than the nakano thrift shop. the narrative was easier to follow.


3. since i traveled, i picked up vogue paris. i’m sorry to say but the issue was weak, it had nearly no content beside the ads. wow…

4. in contrast, i’m pleased to say that i find british vogue exciting after decades of reading it. i cannot say i loved the sex bomb transformation of billie eilish. but the content is progressive and up to date.


5. maarten is a good song writer.

6. and so is benjamin biolay.

7. i like a few songs by carla’s dream.


8. i enjoyed heroes: silence and rock&roll. it’s a netflix documentary about the short-lived spanish superband heroes del silencio. a must for fans.

9. i wish i could say i liked this documentary. but it felt uncomfortable to watch sanaa architect ryue nishizawa cornered into being filmed for a day. japanese culture avoids confrontation and a straightforward no. the filmmakers seem to take advantage of that…


10. i recommend this article about james turrell’s efforts.

11. read here about austrian self-taught designer helmut lang.


11. listen to her.

12. i love talking doggie stella and i follow her on instagram.

13. find out more about being blind.

14. this is how they extract salt with their bare hands.

15. check out this berlin film studio.

16. how do they make obis?

17. find out more about staging million-dollar homes.

18. i like this concrete house.

19. this is a scary documentary about child labour and deforestation in cote d’ivoire.

20. this is an interesting video about pottery in japan.

21. i like this channel.

how was the month of may for you?

photo and video credits: little aesthete, copyright holders