may 2022 finds is a little late, but here.


1. i managed to finish re-reading strangeland by tracey emin. it’s an unapologetic biographical story. it’s a version of femininity, of diversity, of otherness and i recommend it.


2. i read both may and june british vogue issues. i also renewed my subscription.

3. i bought the may issue of wallpaper for one article. the cover story covers casa aire by 5 solidos. i wrote before about this place outside of medellin owned by j balvin. the other 2 articles i liked were: tadao ando’s new building in naoshima and the coverage of the new fondazione prada exhibition.

4. i read 2 older monocle issues: 149 and 150 (humor).

5. also, i read the konfekt winter 2021-2022 issue.

6. since i was in romania, i picked up dor #47. i liked the custody as well as the roma history article. the latter is completed by a very interesting series of podcasts.


7. i went to see einsturzende neubauten live in porto. barefoot and glitter-eyed blixa told us that he spent a year in portugal. in madeira, if i’m not mistaken. the show was everything you’d expect, crazy percution with the casa da musica acoustics.

8. harry’s house was launched in may the 20th. i’d say it’s not as good as the single released in advance. here is the interview with zane lowe.


9. i enjoyed a nation of broth. it’s a wonderful gastronomic guided tour of south korea.

10. i couldn’t miss selling sunset 5.

11. i couldn’t miss bling empire 2, either.

12. i liked queer eye germany.

13. i watched my next guest needs no introduction 4.


14. i liked humanity by ricky gervais.


15. i’ve been listening to feel better, live more by dr rangan chatterjee. my favourite episode was why walking is the superpower you didn’t know you had, with professor shane o’mara.


16. this is a loving couple. i dare you to watch and not tear up.

17. kristen mcmenamy tells us what’s in her bag.

18. of course i want to see how rick owens lives.

19. this is how a traditional japanese dancer does her make up.

20. the italian craftswomen used by dior.

how was your may?

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders