may 2023 finds is here!


1. coco, uma historia natural (daquilo de que nao se fala) by writer nicola davies and illustrator neal layton is a book about poop. i think it’s super interesting for adults, even if it’s aimed at kids.

2. i loved everything about mango & bambang: un tapir muito a nora by writer polly faber and illustrator clara vulliamy. i liked the drawings, the characters and the stories. get it for the kid in your life!

3. conodramas by moderna de pueblo is a 300-page spanish comics. it’s a funny take on the problems girls face in 2023: inequality, sex, gender, etc. if you like it, find the rest of her books and find her on insta, too.


4. the june issue of british vogue is all about queerness since it’s pride month. well done!


5. watch depeche mode live at the recent primavera sound in barcelona. enjoy!

6. by mistake, i fell into a bush hole. i went through all my favourites and added them to my playlists.


7. i watched personal shopper with kristin stewart and lars eidinger. it also features anders danielsen lie, a real-life surgeon who is also joachim trier’s favorite actor. and there’s a small cameo by benjamin biolay. this weak ghost film was directed by the same guy who did irma vep. don’t waste your time.


8. the idol is hbo’s new star series. it stars lily-rose depp, the weekend, jennie from blackpink and many others. it’s directed by the same guy who directed euphoria and malcom and marie. i’ve only seen the first 2 episodes available and they were disappointing. lots of gratuitous nudity and sex stuff. so, proceed with caution…

9. curious, i started watching euphoria, too. 9 out of 16 episodes, it seems to be by far the best of the 3 titles mentioned. it’s got the look of a music video and the main character acts like she’s trying for an oscar with her no-make up, drug addict character. also, how can she be the omniscient narrator? but the storylines keep you guessing, the cast is interesting and so is the soundtrack.


10. this video made me want to buy that butter.

11. mike tyson is a character and i have just found out about that.

12. this is interesting behind the scene insight in the recent writers’ strike.

how was your may? the highlight of my month was going to faro.

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete