may 2024 finds is here!


1. stay true by hua hsu won the pulitzer for memoir. it was an easy, but pretentious read.

2. i loved a book i read about japanese ceramicist tokuda yasokichi III. he is probably the most famous of a line of amazing homonym potters and ceramicists. i first saw his work in a museum in kanazawa and it blew my mind.

3. i loved tokyo jazz joints! it’s a door to a narnia i only suspected existed. read here about it.


4. from the june issue of british vogue, i liked the article on prenuvo. it’s an mri machine that scans your body for potential health problems. starting this month, british vogue offers subscribers access to their 10-year archive. i’ve been enjoying this perk more than i expected.

5. i struggled through the december 2023 issue of brutus. it is mainly about yoshitomo nara’s home in northern japan. i read it with the translation app, a first for me. the magazine also features the takenaka carpentry tools museum i saw last year in kobe.

6. my favourite articles from the summer issue of konfekt were on the basque country and sicily. they never fail to make me daydream and plan.

7. on a whim, i bought something called regards sur le japon by reporters sans frontieres. i don’t know if it qualifies as a magazine, but it looks like one and i bought it from my mag dealer.


8. i made a playlist of romanian favourites for a portuguese friend and spotify recommended me poate by valeria stoica. fire! check out her music, she has a sedate sound that reminds me of the marias.

9. btw, the marias have a new album out. it’s called submarine.

10. i found blame breatt by the beaches on insta and i like it.

11. i listened a few times to the atmospheric love lies bleeding soundtrack by clint mansell. he used to be in pop will eat itself.

12. blade runner blues by vanghelis is a trip to the past.

13. i fell for my girl you blush by moi caprice, another spotify rec.

14. i didn’t expect to enjoy nelly furtado’s tiny desk concert as much as i did.


15. i greatly enjoyed listening to bluebeard daughter by sarvat hasin. it was an episode from the fantastic stories by mandarin oriental hotel group.


16. under the open sky seems to be the prequel to perfect days. beside relying heavily on the skills of kôji yakusho, the films features the same area, the same bridge and the same sky tree. wim wenders might’ve seen it and offered the main character an alternative ending.

17. i like wong kar-wai but watching chungking express was beyond disappointing.


18. i’m interested in tokyo. and harajuku is one of its big sub-culture hubs.

19. gillian anderson is hypnotic.

20. south korea is facing record lows when it comes to marriage and births. the government is surprised that women are no longer willing to sacrifice their lives for the traditional life. the government is currently offering some monetary aids for children rearing. but they are doing absolutely nothing to fix the disgustingly misogynistic society they live in. the video below is about burning sun, one of the biggest scandals in recent years, involving k-pop stars.

how was your may? i’m off to the beach, you can find me on insta.

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete