my second day of live reporting from zilele biz consists of covering the media and marketing day, probably the most popular of the five days.

9:00 – bogdan naumovici, creative director, 23 communication ideas, has the opening talk with marta usurelu for the media and marketing day. apparently, cheloo from parazitii, his supposed partner, stood him up in favour of more sleep…

9:55 – sorin psatta, integrated communication director, graffiti bbdo, featuring tudor chirila (apparently intended side-kick emil hurezeanu was stolen by train basescu)

* jason bourne vs. james bond = the soft vs. the hard sell. there is the bond-type of advertising and the bourne-type aka merely distracting vs. actually problem-solving advertising. in conclusion, the speaker predicts a supremacy of the “real”, solution-offering ads.

10:10 – tudor takes the floor for the last 5 allocated minutes: he opens with references to cien anos de soledad and to lars von trier’s depression-ridden shootings for antichrist and for melancholia. and to rene magrite. the underlying topic is appearances vs. essence. the advertising games has changed: what would have easily sold decades ago, fails to impress nowadays. presently, it is more important to be sincere, in life and in advertising: so choose the long winding road instead of the short easy one ftw!

10:20 – gabi lungu, managing partner, the practice, and vlad petreanu, journalist/blogger, continue tudor’s idea: authenticity vs. appearances. vlad is talking about the fish attention span of the romanian society when it comes to the romanian celebrity system: how the surgically insincere gain in the short run. gabi raises the question of the thousands of social media-powered opinionated people. vlad thinks that blogging does not replace investigation journalism, it’s only that the current communication-on-steroids trend makes information dissemination look like journalism sometimes.

* new question: how do we choose our sources? the bible is the most successful story of human history because it taps into our fears and wishes. print vs. online journalism: will the future print publications be driven by narration? (given the fact that the news game is completely lost to instant posting). discussing the corner-cutting ways of the local televisions.

10:45 – hortensia nastase, managing partner, gollinharris bucharest featuring cristina mihaila, pr&communication manager, rbs bank talk about fix-it-before-it-breaks concept and about the potential of pr. content is king, pr is queen.

wow generating campaigns:

unheard in new york

* microsoft launches windows 7 in tiny village in asturia, spain, because of its name sietes and because its remoteness.

11:05 – coffee break, afterwards today’s highlight: aneta bogdan

11:20 – aneta bogdan, founder and managing partner, brandient: exclusiv me, made in romania. aneta is speaking for the first time in public about personal branding. rolling her rs, she opens with a reference to the, thanks camellia sucu for offering each attendee aneta’s book and announces they will have a short q&a at the end of her speech.

* tom  peters’ book: me incorporated.

* what we are as personal brands is closely related to what we are as a nation, a certain type of co-branding.

oprah says: you become what you believe. liviu david says: if you use your passion, you will succeed.

* personal branding is not about selling yourself but about knowing yourself, which, coincidentally, will help you sell yourself better.

* what’s the connection between creative service providers and knowing yourself? identity vs. image. don’t go with the flow, just stick to your guns.

* when it comes to personal branding, it’s important to create perceptions, but even more important to control them.

it takes a village to control a brand: the lady gaga brand makes 300 million a year. how much of that goes into her personal accounts? the internet says approximately 62 million usd. cost of personal brand: 240 million…

* authenticity is the most important feature in personal branding. keep away from perfection and from giving people what they want.

* identity is not false, but image can be.

* personal branding is about who you are not about who you want to be.

* the short-sightedness of introspection: personal branding is organic and authentic! we evolve by self-learning and by mindset change. we evolve by the right entourage.

* how personal branding helps with your job and salary.

* to be or to have?

* how the romanian tourism brand will not be represented by the proper branding people. no surprises here…

* jesus is referenced again, this time as the best personal brand ever.

* personal branding is not an ego trip, but rather a way of cashing in, one way or the other.

a brand is a promise and a good brand is a kept promise.

* why it’s so sad to have a half-abroad, half-discouraged creative class.

* the romanian state is a burden for the young: the co-branding with the romanian state makes it more difficult for youth to succeed.

* aspirations of the creative class (technology, film, advertising, media, design, architecture, arts, etc.) competitiveness manifested itself as healthily as anywhere in the western world, but romania does not offer the proper environment for the thriving of this essential class.

* romania’s salvation is in finding a way to do things differently.

* romania’s main fault is its short-sightedness.

* personal brand is the job of being yourself.

aneta asks camellia sucu a few questions: what is hardest when building a personal brand? the answer: the control of the perception of camellia sucu.

aneta bogdan is amazing! can’t wait to read her book! i will come back with a post exclusively dedicated to her, she was incredibly inspiring!

14:15 – adrian botan, creative partner, mccann, opens with a video full of mind blowing figures about the future:

the nike plus campaign:

and the world’s largest signpost by nokia:

* we need more innovation. we need transmedia storytelling.

* banksy at the museum: a subversive dig at consumerism and at the less than discerning consumer

* the american rom campaign and the hell raised in romania by the fact that a traditionally romanian product was re-invented wrapped in the american flag.

* the toshiba-will-replace-your-laptop-no-matter-how-it-got-damaged campaign

* the conclusion: the future is already here!

14:50 – liviu david, creation director, next advertising, is responsible for the zilele biz ad. why is it difficult for us to trust advertising?

* how australian advertising is better at targeting and aiming than romanian advertising.

* relevant=sincere. sincere=imperfect.

* people decide, not the brands. they have the money, the click or the remote control.

15:00 – marian trascu, head of research, lowe&partners – the advertising boy cried wolf once too many times: 48% of the public distrust ads. maslow’s hierarchy of needs in the context of present day romanian advertising.

15:15 – razvan capanescu, creation director, publics – a recruitment campaign for softwear designers for bit defender. the best potentials were …the hackers. gusto’s feed your optimism campaign.

15:30 – bogdan moraru, creative director, propaganda – on how the client’s mothering instincts makes for bad advertising.

15:45 – coffee break

16:00 – mihaela nicola, ceo, the group featuring smiley – special session: uncool marketing and cool communication. the traditional way of advertising is decidedly uncool, so passé. the same goes for pr. now, they are all referred to as communication.

smiley is summoned to tell us what generation y wants. he’s telling us about how he seems to apply marketing rules and mechanisms instinctively to his music and to his production company. nowadays, it’s not so much about good ideas as it is about ultra-fast implementation of fast ideas. and now…forget everything else: all the girls in the house are eye-humping smiley. haha! q&a on smiley’s coolness and the analysis of its essence. smiley is reminiscing his self-made itinerary!

16:45: dorothea vanau, special projects manager, antenna group – media is a huge marketing tool. a little mis-communication regarding cookie cutter marketing.

17:00 – paul j. r. renaud, head coach, renaud investments – case study on inna! the marketing of a successful international brand. the break down of inna’s schedule and team. she does her own twitter and she has more facebook fans than gwen stefani and nelly furtado. first comes the fast social media and then the traditional print, etc. last, endorsements: microsoft and pepsi. the conclusion and possibly the moral of the story: be proud to be a Romanian!

17:30 – cristina jura, senior brand manager, antena group.

17:40 – marius pahomi, head of mec interaction

17:50 – tiberiu mercurian, former marketing director, bergenbier will talk about marketing with a big budget.

18:00 – marius tudosiei, bacania veche, will talk about marketing with zero budget. think zacusca cooked in a huge pot in the bacania veche garden and a lot getting done by using a whole lot of time and energy and little other resources.

this was it! the event is over! but nobody is leaving, they’re all discussing in the hallway, over coffee!

thank you, biz, for the opportunity! it was very interesting!