meet the locals is the name of my brand new tour! i’m super proud to announce that, together with some of my friends, we started interesting times bureau in order to introduce willing strangers to our cooler-than-ever city. i was assigned to acquaint the guests with those of my friends who make bucharest interesting right now.

meet locals

the city lives through uncertain times. as in many other places in the world, there are protests. the politicians take liberties and we need to police them. but unstable times have an upside: a gently booming creative scene, low rents and a general camaraderie, at least in the more free thinking circles. also, we still have plenty of organic farmers’ markets around the city and they’re dirt cheap!

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i heard it through the grape vine that wallpaper is currently researching bucharest to include it on their city guide list. and unlike is looking to launch a bucharest section sometime this year. and when the big boys pay attention, you know you’ve arrived!

this is equally about showing you my bucharest as much as it is about bringing together the people who do cool things and who are citizens of the world all the while being bucharest-based.

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what can one expect upon making a booking? well, depending on your personal preferences and on the hottest the city has to offer, i will custom-make an experience. you will visit art galleries or workshops of local designers. you can discover unique book shops and design studios while getting a snack with a side of information. i have a selection of the hippest hang out places to show you but i will also open doors that are not accessible to the great public.

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in conclusion: you can book the meet the locals tour by interesting time bureau x little aesthete to get to know some of the secrets of my home city. but we have another five exciting tours to offer: the alternative tour, beautiful decay, hidden gems, city photo tour and communism tour. we have a tour of the natural delta that has formed here in recent years, but you need to stay tuned as it’s not complete just yet.

please give me feedback on this one: i really need to know what’s right with it but especially what’s not! thank you in advance!

photo credits: little aesthete