my readers in vienna are just friends i haven’t met yet. i had recently decided to start meeting them.

i was planning to start the meetings in my home town of bucharest. but a surprise trip to vienna changed the plan. my readers in vienna as it turns out, i will be spending a few long-overdue days in vienna next week. part of my readers live there. how do i know that? i know because mr. analytics keeps me informed. i have never met them in person though. and i’m going to fix that next monday, december the 2nd.

vienna is one of my favourite cities in the world. but any big city is dynamic. i haven’t been there in 2 years so i want to discover all the new places and the secret cool bars. i want to have lunch that feels like enlightenment and to get high on my favourite drug: people!

so, what do you say? dinner/drinks at ramien on gumpendorfer straße? i love their la mien mit huhn! they make the noodles on the spot in their open space kitchen. yum!

i’ll be there on monday, starting at 7 pm. ask for me at the bar (they’ll know). i’m looking forward to meeting you! 🙂

photo credits: google search