i promised you the megg half of the interview and i’m happy it comes late as yesterday she got news!

but let’s start from the top: megg morales is an american model (she actually was part of america’s next top model, cycle 7) who decided to change brooklyn for london, but she was deported, so she visited several cities in europe, hesitating to settle. she finally decided on berlin and on doing exactly what was on her mind and, as soon as she found a sub-let, she also met dean.

if my info and calculations are right, she’s about 23 now.

apart from being the naked cuddlez to dean’s cbk, she’s also into art and models more or less full time. you can check her tumblr, it’s called reckless redemption, it’s her art name.

i will do more an account of the interview, as we were not exactly coherent (i know i was a bit intoxicated), but… if you are willing to watch the raw, unedited material, click here.

first, i asked megg about her nakedness on stage and i told her i found a video of herself singing in the nude. she answered that the video was her performance art which consists of her making outfits and building characters, that it was called the mechanical manikin and it took place in warsaw, poland, for a weekend-long queer festival

when i asked her about her style, megg said that she’s going towards the functional, alternative stuff that suits her needs, more 20 eye doc martens than heels. also, she says that she’s making, by hand, a separate costume for each concert in each country.

her favourite film of all time: it’s a tie between the wizard of oz and labyrinth.

her favourite meal: first, she said water and a cucumber, but then she settled on mashed potatoes.

secret talent: she’s a really fast runner!

her favourite hang out place: wherever her friend jewels is. jewels currently resides in their home county of california. also, megg loves her berlin flat as a second option for hanging out.

at the end of the video, i ask megg about her modeling and she says that it’s a part of her, that she loves expressing herself using her body and that the paychecks support her art, that her entire life is an interconnected system. also, i was wondering whether the clients mind her undercut or not. she said that her agent shows the clients pictures of her so, if they decide to use her, they know exactly what they’re in for. if you want to see pictures of her jobs, go here and here.

and, i was saying something about some news: megg was featured on vogue.de! congrats!

thank you very much for the interview, best of luck with everything and see you soon!

photo credits: fine tastes magazine