mercat central in valencia makes for some serious market porn. i love to visit local markets during trips and get lost in them. if you are like me, this one’s for you!

mercat central in valencia

when you are in spain, your next good meal is never far. and the market places reflect that. they are not shabby, utilitarian spaces where you can barely get stuff for money. they are fabulous temples that celebrate good, local food and where people socialize just as much as they buy and sell.

below you have a part of the selection of the wonderful produce available.

mercat central in valencia 1mercat central in valencia 2

since we are in valencia, here we have a selection of spices, including saffron, especially made for paella.

mercat central in valencia 3mercat central in valencia 4

another valencian staple is horchata. here’s a recipe for it.

mercat central in valencia 5mercat central in valencia 6

here you have some gift-wrapped jamon.

mercat central in valencia 7mercat central in valencia 8mercat central in valencia 9IMG_0138IMG_0137IMG_0140IMG_0141IMG_0148IMG_0146IMG_0149IMG_0150IMG_0151IMG_0152IMG_0156IMG_0154IMG_0155IMG_0158IMG_0157IMG_0159

i have never seen bay leaves sold like this!


this is some sheep cheese with…wine!


each market i visited in spain had a special section for fish and marisco.

IMG_0184 IMG_0181 IMG_0183IMG_0188IMG_0186IMG_0187IMG_0195IMG_0194IMG_0189IMG_0191IMG_0192

you can eat at one of the places around the market.

.IMG_0199  IMG_0198

but i’d say that the best place to eat is central bar by ricard camarena. they do great tapas!


it’s the best place to shut up and let yourself just be a fly on the wall. the people around you will order bocadillos, wine and the specials. the tone is familiar and the atmosphere is fabulous. the waitresses top the wine glasses every once in a while and the people range from fellow market people to ladies who lunch.

the last time i was there, i had some amazing rabbit and white wine. imagine how that lunch time buzz felt while i was walking around the market. it was my first day of vacation and it felt just like that.


i hope you enjoyed my visual tour!

photo credits: little aesthete