mes chaussettes rouges are an exclusive online website selling a few brands of socks. and, since 2014 is hailed as the socks-and-heels year, they are my recommendation!

mes chaussettes rouges

they sent me an envelope. inside, there was a dust bag with the perfect pair of red knee high socks in tissue paper and a card for me. the most surprising detail? their sweet smelling and very light lisle.

they were a pair of gammarelli socks, made in rome: white for the pope, red for the cardinals and purple for the bishops. i love the unexpected style reference! the tiny brand is manufacturing all the papal and cardinal outfits, not only their colourful socks.

i’m always looking for great basics and great socks are not easy to come by. check out their website: i’m sure you’ll find at least a couple of favourites. they also carry utilitarian pairs for hunting, equitation and ski.

mes chaussettes rouges 2

the truth is that i often see people downgrading a good outfit with a sad pair of socks. they say it’s the little details that make an interesting outfit and i believe that a great pair of socks could help a great deal.

they may be designed for men but, since the sizes start at 36, girls can easily borrow them. they have a nice selection of colours and i can totally see myself going for a hot pink, a beautiful purple or a cool green.

i’ve worn my red pair with my all-green sneakers and i would mismatch them with some electric blue platforms i haven’t worn yet. the combinations are endless, right?

photo credits: little aesthete, mes chausettes rouges