miffy art parade was a wonderful whimsical surprise i had in the netherlands.

miffy art parade

the first two miffies i spotted were the ones that were mounted in the book shop of the stedlijk museum. i promptly posted one on my instagram account!


and then, the “egg” hunt started. without knowing it, my day trip to utrecht was going to be a breakthrough. not only did i visit the dick bruna museum (miffy’s creator) but i also found many statues around the city.

miffy art parade 1  miffy art parade 2 miffy art parade 4miffy art parade 5miffy art parade 6miffy art parade 3miffy art parade 7miffy art parade 9 miffy art parade 8IMG_3147IMG_3172

back in my hotel room, i searched instagram with related hashtags. i found a lot of statues in front of the rijksmuseum so i went to find them the next day.


beside all the miffies, i found the official merchandise store where i read the story of the miffy art parade. it celebrated miffy’s 60th birthday. for the event, 60 artists were asked to decorate in their own style a 1.8 m miffy. the celebration spanned the netherlands and japan.

5% of the turnover of the merchandise sales went to unicef, for education projects, since the parade is supposed to raise awareness regarding the fact that not all children have the same opportunities. the art parade ended with an auction at the rijksmuseum. those proceeds also went to unicef.

this whole craziness was organized by mercis bv and world of delights.


i found my last two miffies in the atrium of conservatorium hotel.


to find out more about the whole project, the artists involved and the locations of the statues, click here.

i wish i could have seen all the statues: i loved the parade. i hoped you did too!

photo credits: little aesthete