mirai chan is a little japanese girl. she’s also the polarizing main character of a series of books by photographer kotori kawashima. once i saw her, i couldn’t forget that striking little face.

miraichan 1

i came across their first book in anhe 65, in taipei. i couldn’t read it so i couldn’t get any reference. but, as the internet is great, i found the book by chance! it was not the exact same one, but still. if the first book illustrated one year of mirai’s life, the one i found online showed her in paris.

miraichan paris 1 miraichan paris 2 miraichan paris 3 miraichan paris 4miraichan paris 5

apparently, the first book was first published by a tokyo gallery and it was soon sold out. ever since, it has been republished and has become one of the best-selling photo books in japan. i understand the sales exceed 10,000 units since march of 2011.

miraichan 7miraichan 2 miraichan 3 miraichan 4 miraichan 5 miraichan6 miraichan 8

kotori kawashima is a photographer born and based in tokyo. mirai is the daughter of one his friends. she lives in the nigata prefecture, in a village on sado island.

miraichan 16 miraichan 9 miraichan 10 miraichan 11 miraichan 12 miraichan 13 miraichan 14 miraichan 15

also, the photographer has a book collaboration with manga illustrator wisut ponnimit. it is called mirai chan’s future.

mirai chan23 mirai chan17 mirai chan18 mirai chan19 mirai chan20 mirai chan21 mirai chan22

photobooks focused on cute characters seem to be an ongoing trend in japan. you probably remember my post of the friendship between a grandmother and her white cat. here you have an instagram effort, probably a photo book in the making.

mirai chan24 mirai chan25 mirai chan26 mirai chan27 miraichan 28 miraichan 29

i wish i knew more about the book when i was still in japan. perhaps i could have found it. well, i guess there’s always a next time!

photo credits: kotori kawashima