born 11.03.1986. as big as a doll. looks abnormally cute for a grown up. as she is tiny, she confesses to altering absolutely everything she wears. or she’ll simply wear kids’ clothes.

beside being the darling of the street style bloggers, miroslava mikheeva-duma is a former editor of harper’s bazaar russia, currently a freelance writer for many russian publications.

in 2010, she launched her own magazine, buro247, also in russia.

she has a baby boy named george, born in october 2010. because of him, the fashion world had to get by without mira’s ultra feminine style  for a couple of seasons.

a very recent piece of news: a dubai mall was smart enough to employ mira as the face of their ss 2012 campaign as well as her friend/heavy weight street style blogger tommy ton as the campaign photographer. internet stars ftw!

her super cutesy style is not exactly my cup of tea but i admire how she can pull off many different looks. she is definitely a character!

photo&video credits: google search