we’ll start this hot week with something light and frivolous: meet ruth crilly, the gap-toothed model behind amodelrecommends.com. as expected, her website is full of recommendations for things ranging from fancy cosmetics and other luxury products to her choice of outfits, fitness and body treatments. her mom is sometimes guest starring with recommendations for products meant for an older audience.

she writes but also makes videos of herself demonstrating what can be done with her favourite products. she offers to show you her tried-and-tested tricks to being a better looking you: fake tan? check! tons of cosmetics and body products? doh! what to pack when flying or what’s really not to be left behind when camping? yes, yes! she even demonstrates on camera how she dry brushes her body for a firmer skin and better circulation!

her playful manner, british accent and tone of voice are mesmerizing to me. and i’m guessing i’m not the only one as she’s a bit famous in her home land.

so…check her out!

ps: sorry, boys! this is a girly post 🙂